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Giving to A Daughter Who Has Everything

Gretchen Heuring | ElderThink


When your daughter (or granddaughter) has her own home and just about everything in it, it's hard to find a just-right gift.


Young peoples lifestyle choices are different from ours, to say the least. They have children later than we did, earning and spending all for themselves in ways we never considered.


Still, we want to give them something. They have good hearts and we love them. Here are a few ideas:


Jewelry Plain and Simple

Simple jewelry will be appreciated and worn. A gold or silver chain, or earrings from a local crafts person offer a surprising array of choices in all price ranges.


Lotions and Potions

When choosing a lotion, bath oil or scent, get some for yourself and try it out. If you enjoy it, you can bet that your sweet girl will too. Besides, then you can tell her, "I tried this and just loved it so I got some for you." This delivers the message that you have been thinking about her.


A Good Book

Journals for ideas, thoughts and dreams come in all kinds of sizes and styles. Tell her you want her to write all about your favorite person (herself)


Yummy Things

Wonderful chocolate, fruit or wine delivered to her door, you can buy it all on line, too.


And don't forget to say, "I love you THIS much!"


Gifts for Family & Friends


Elders Want To Express Generosity

Ella Traver | ElderThink | 04.11.09


We Seniors like to give gifts too. When we are in our active stage of life, it is easy to pick up a suitable gift when traveling, to make something our loved ones will enjoy, or to spend time choosing a "just-right" gift.


But life can slow down for us and if we become ill or frail, it is

much more difficult to express our generosity. Still, we would like to connect with our loved ones with suitable and affordable gifts.


Here are a few things that the people we care about might truly enjoy.


Five Ideas for Gifts Seniors Can Give

Since Seniors have all been younger, it seems as though they will know about suitable gifts for their children and more youthful loved ones. But the world is changing rapidly and desirable gifts are changing too.


Idea 1: An Itunes gift card. Absolutely suitable and always welcome by just about anyone under the age of sixty.


Idea 2: A book you have always loved with a special note written in it from you.


Idea 3: A gift card that matches their interests. So many gift cards are available now from so many places. Check out your supermarket for a rack of gift cards from a multitude of stores. Not sure about their interests? You can buy a VISA debit card with a maximum amount on it.


Idea 4: Anything you make will be treasured. Do you do handwork like quilting or embroidery? Are you an artist? Do you do woodworking? You could try to make something for everyone on your list or you could make something special for one person each year.


Idea 5: Take a special younger person somewhere with you. Share and enjoy your time together. It can be a local zoo or a trip to another city. You will be creating memories.


Your loved ones will appreciate and treasure your gifts. Remember how you felt when the older adults in your family gave gifts to you. We're betting you have some of them tucked away even now!


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