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Moving Mom

Moving an Aging America Forward

Mary Kay Buysse | Executive Director | NASMM


This excellent article provides more details about the Association and services of Senior Move Managers.>>Download


A Couple of Thoughtful Books

Together Again A Creative Guide to Successful Multigenerational Living

Together Again: A Creative Guide to Successful Multigenerational LivingTogether Again A Creative Guide to Successful Multigenerational Living

Im Still Your Mother

I'm Still Your Mother: How To Get Along With Your Grown-Up Children For The Rest Of Your Life







Moving Near Children



Moving To Be Closer To Children

and Sometimes Moving In With Them

Gretchen Heuring | ElderThink | 02.01.10


In our mobile society, children often move away from home and begin their families in a distant place. We love each other and long to be near, so after retirement, many older parents move closer to their loved ones.


Sometimes we plan to help out with grandchildren and sometimes we need support through illness or recovery from an injury. Current economic conditions have sparked a trend to combine financial resources. Though these changes can be stressful, we think they are ultimately rewarding.

Seniors Move for Lots of Reasons

Gretchen Heuring | ElderThink | 03.01.10


There are many reasons why Seniors move to a new location. The may wish for a smaller home, or one that doesn't have stairs. The may want to be in a different climate where it's not so cold in the winter or so hot in the summer.


Seniors move to be closer to loved ones, or because the cost of living is better in another place. They move because they want to be in a Senior community or they want better or closer medical care.


But move they do, and those moves are usually a result of lifestyle changes such as retirement


Sometimes Children Have to Make Decisions For Parents. It's hard on everyone when children discover that their parents need to move to a new place. There's help and advice, though.


Most Often Seniors Handle Moves Themselves. Choosing where to live after retirement and making the move can be surprising difficult and stressful. Often a lifetime of memories has to be packed up and taken to a new location along with the people who have them.