Many Baby Boomers Downsizing Lifestyles

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Baby Boomers are feeling the strain of the latest economic slowdown, and they're cutting back.


According to a national survey conducted by bell investment advisors, one-in-four affluent 60-year-olds are downsizing their lives.>>More

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Three Tips for Downsizing Your Home and Lifestyle


Many homeowners are adjusting their lifestyle into a modest standard. The reasons are many. Some homeowners are downsizing because their children have moved out. Others are adjusting into retirement. Others still are taking advantage of the huge housing price gains of the last few years.


Moving into a smaller house is not always an easy thing to accomplish. Here are a few tips on how to get it right.>>More




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Moving Mom


Downsizing - Do Two People Really Need A House With 14 Rooms?

Dawn Shepherd | 01.01.09


In February 2007 my 87 year old father fell on the ice and broke his hip. He has always been a very active and rugged man, in great shape for his age, and able to do all the home repairs and maintainence himself. Suddenly my parents 3-story, 14-room home became a source of concern.


My mother had been in favor of moving to a single-story home for some time, but my dad had resisted. However, faced with not being able to maintain the yard to his usual high standard, he relented. He and my mother purchased a single-story, 2-bedroom home in an active adult community. My sister and I breathed a sigh of relief, but at the same time realized that the move would require paring my parents' household belongings by more than half.>>More





Changing Lifestyles Takes Courage

Gretchen Heuring | ElderThink | 04.02.09


Imagine that you have a Great American Lifestyle including a six-figure income (between you and your spouse,) a lovely home, appropriate cars and toys, an interesting social circle, and children grown and on their own.


Ristau Home

Susan and Stephan Ristau's

new home


Now imagine that you decide to leave your jobs, sell everything, move to a new place, and reduce your standard of living. Suppose you have no idea where you will work or what you will be doing, but you have decided to lower your stress level and be happy. Great fantasy, right?


Stephan and Susan Ristau did it! They downsized their whole lives.>> More