U.S. News & World Report Lists 10 Retirement Spots

Emily Brandon, writing for U.S. News & World Report in June, 2007, lists the top ten bargain retirement spots in the US.


She says, "When you retire, you're obviously no longer tied to your job. Equally important, you no longer have to live where your job was. You're free to lie on the beach, explore the mountains, traverse a bustling city, breathe in the wide open spaces, or reside anywhere that strikes your fancy and-ah, yes-fits your budget."


Do you have the budget?


A less-expensive location helps. Buying a house or Condo for less that the one you sold can be a good move when facing retirement. You can add a hefty lump sum to retirement equity or spend it on something to make your retirement years better or more fun.


10 affordable spots from Maine to California


Emily Brandon says, "U.S. News consulted four of the country's top experts on retirement locations and came up with a list of 10 best bargain retirement spots. They range from the rocky beaches of Kennebunk, Maine, to arid Yucca Valley, Calif., and from sun-soaked Melbourne Beach, Fla., to rural Sandpoint, Idaho, near Canada. Not all will seem downright cheap-in fact, a few may strike you as quite pricey depending on where you live today-but they do have this in common: They offer good value in retirement living."


Other things about a location are also important


The cost of housing is only a piece of the planning equation. Other factors that could weigh heavily include the availability of good healthcare, proximity to an airport, distance to a major metro area, and the general attitude and "tone" of the community. Of course a big plus could be having family nearby.


Good healthcare nearby


It's important to have access to good healthcare. Most Seniors encounter a chronic health problem at some point and there are more and more ways to manage chronic illnesses and still maintain an excellent quality of life. For more about this, go to the ElderThink section on chronic illness


Near major metro area


A major metro area offers access to a major airport as well as entertainment and healthcare support. Under three hours of driving time is ideal.


So where are they?


Boone, N. C. | Dahlonega, Ga. | Fredericksburg, Texas | Kennebunk, Maine | Melbourne Beach, Fla. | Natchitoches, La. | Salida, Colo. | Sandpoint, Idaho | Yucca Valley, Calif. | Yuma, Ariz.