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Shamanism Is About Ecstasy

From comments posted on the Forum soc.religion.shamanism by Dean Edwards, Stef Jones, Ann Albers and others:


"A shaman is a trained initiate who maintains a tradition of walking between this and other worlds (while in a state of ecstatic trance known as shamanic ecstasy shamanic flight) and then acts as a bridge between the worlds. Activities of shamans in addition to shamanic flight may include divination, control over the elements,soul retrieval and escorting the souls of the recently deceased to their place in the next world (psychopomp). A shaman may also be able to see, hear or send messages or messengers over great distances or even fly to distant locations in ecstatic trance or through shapechanging.">>More


Shamanism Is Worldwide


Ancient practices of this form of spirituality can be found all over the world. Shaman ecstasy can be obtained from meditation and trance but is more common reached through psychedelics and other drugs.



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