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Hindu Spirituality


Hindus believe that the true spirit of every person is eternal. Hinduism embraces a supreme personal God and the concept of Karma.


Karma involves universal moral law and if a person follows the law by being spiritually true, then during the next life, that person will be someone who is closer to God. Closeness to God is identified by the caste into which a Hindu is born.


Hindus practice the discipline of Yoga which has four distinct paths to spiritual truth. These are Bhakti, the path of love and devotion; Karma, the path of right action; Raja, the path of meditation; and Jnana, the path of wisdom. >>More

Hindu Elderly


The greatest population of Hindu people is in India where there is a high degree of respect for the elderly. There is a joint family support system and families live together. A son's family might live with the parents or the parents might live with a son and his family. This interconnectedness of the family is considered sacred and is part of the Hindu religion. >>More