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According to the American Cancer Society, elders are more likely to have cancer. The most common types of cancer are listed below. Click on them to take you to more information.

Cancer Treatments & Therapies


Cancers grow so early detection and treatment is best. It isn't always possible to discover a cancer. There can be no symptoms or symptoms that are mistaken for something else.


Once cancer has been diagnosed, your doctor will want you to begin treatment. This is a frightening time but it is important for you to pay attention and understand your choices.


The American Cancer Society has information about cancer treatment options that is easy to read and understand. >>More

Support Group Resource


The American Cancer Society is also an excellent resource to find a support group near you or on line. Support groups can truly help. Give one a try. >>More

Caregiving and Receiving Care


It isn't easy to be a caregiver. If you are the one who must accept the care, being a caretaker isn't easy either. ElderThink has devoted a whole section to caregiving and caretaking. >>More